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There are countless hostels in Pai. A few offer dorms and bed for as low as 80THB (3USD) and 150THB (5USD), respectively, during low season. Camping is possible in a field north of the 7/11 located at the southern end of Pai. Crossing any of the bridges on the outskirts of Pai will lead you to an abundance of land perfect for camping.


There is a daily local market on the west end of Pai. An excellent curry restaurant with only 3 dishes on the menu (50THB) is on the right hand side of the "walking street" less than 100 meters in. Lots of pricey places. Check the street with the bus station after 7PM for the night vendors to come out with better and cheaper food than the vast majority of the restaurants.

Hitch out

' ' ' South to Chang Mai ' ' ' Walk south down the main road. The road is windy and populated for about 1.5km. Most of the people driving on this road are heading straight to Chang Mai.