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Flag of Hungary
State: City of Pécs
Population: 157,680
Licence plate: N/A
Major roads: M60
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Pécs (Fünfkirchen in German) is the fifth largest city of Hungary, not far from the Croatian border. Being almost 2000 years old, Pécs is the cultural centre of the surrounding county of Baranya and a long standing melting pot of numerous different cultures.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Budapest

When hitchhiking from Pécs to Budapest, take the M60 motorway, it is just finished and local hitch-hikers use it frequently. Take the bus 41 until the last stop /Reménypuszta/, there's the 58th road. Follow it for 500 meters and you'll find the toll to Budapest.

Another possibility to go on main road 6th, until Szekszárd, there you can take the M6 as well. The reason to take the main road rather then the highway directly from Pécs: the highway is a big detour compared to the road 6. The road 6 goes across the Mecsek (a hill north of the town), the M60 starts from the south of the town, bypasses the Mecsek, it is about 40 km longer between Pécs and Szekszárd.

Probably there is bigger chance to get a long distance lift from the M60, but many local students prefer the 6th road.

To get to road 6th, you have to take the bus 2 until /Budai Vám/ there is a large Tesco, you cant miss it. Actually, you can, because there are 2 large Tescos in Pécs, and the other one is on the opposite side of the town - watch out when asking! If you are at the Tesco at "Budai vám", you have to walk towards about 500 m, there will be a slight slope, at the bottom there is a petrol station (just for toilet, water, or what ever you need), and a bus stop, where drivers can stop to pick you up. If you walk about hundred meters more, you are just out of town, which is also a very good place to hitch a ride.

Maybe the bus stop is better, because you get in the drivers sight early, when they are the top of the slope, and they watching you until they reach the bottom. Plenty of time to decide!

South towards Osijek, Sarajevo (57 E 73 E 7)

Take local bus 20 or 20A (in front of the big shopping mall Arkad) to the last stop. Walk to the main road, which is the 57 and hitch south in the direction of Mohacs. Eventually you'll hit a roundabout where you can either go straight into the city of Mohacs or right towards the Dubosevica-Udvar border crossing with Croatia. Head towards Udvar, this is not the road E73/7. Rides are a bit sparse here and most heading that direction are actually heading into a back road of Mohacs, not to Udvar. So if your ride drops you off here, you'll have a more select audience if you walk a bit until you cross a bridge and pass the small road to Mohács on the left.

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You can also leave the town by bus or train. The bus ("Autóbusz-pályaudvar") and the railway station ("Főpályaudvar") are both located southwards from the inner town (10-20 minutes walk). The railway station also serves as the terminal for a bunch of local buses so it's relatively easy to get there.