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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Schleswig-Holstein.png
Population: 5117 (2020)
Licence plate: RD, ECK
Major roads: A 7, A 210
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Osterrönfeld is a city in Germany. It is within walking distance of Rendsburg, Büdelsdorf, Schacht-Audorf, Westerrönfeldand Fockbek.

Hitchhiking out

Hitchhiking is becoming more common here, as in all of Schleswig-Holstein. You can easily get a ride over short distances (i.e. towards Kiel or Eckernförde).

East towards Kiel, A 210

Walk to Edeka Hoof on Kieler Str., then walk towards the Bundesstraße B202. There will be no pedestrian path, but you can walk until you reach the Pendlerparkplatz (commuter parking). Almost everyone will be going towards Kiel here and they can easily stop on the entrance of the parking.

Other useful info

As Osterrönfeld is part of a greater area of cities around Rendsburg, you will find more information on that page.

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