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Offenburg is a small town in Germany, located in the Rhine valley in the foothills of the Black Forest.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Karlsruhe, south towards Freiburg, Basel Bundesautobahn 5 number.svg

From the City

Die-hard hitchhikers who want to start straight in town may want to go to the Shell Service station at the end of Platanenstraße to ask for rides. The closest service stations are Renchtal (north) or Mahlberg (south), both located 10-20 km away. If you want to go south, you can also accept rides going north and change sides at Renchtal. In Mahlberg changing sides by foot would involve a longer (>40 min) hike - according to Google it's a walk of around 5 km! Be aware that there is major construction going on at the motorway ramp (as of the end of 2010).

Busride to the next service station

It is probably faster to go by bus to Renchtal (€3,20 min) and do the 10 min hike to the service station straight at the motorway. See Renchtal for details.