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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Hesse.png
Population: 117,559 (1 Oct 2007)
Licence plate: OF
Major roads: A3, A661
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Offenbach is a city in Hesse.

Hitchhiking out

Go to Kaiserlei-Kreisel, there are different options to get a lift on the A661 with connections to A5 (North) or A3 (South).Depending on your direction there are two possible spots.South it's good to stand at the bus-station directly on the roundabout, to get north stand on the last traffic-light before the cars enter the motorway.there is a good option to talk to people and they have the chance to park the car aside for a moment. how good the spot is really depends on where you wanna go, so if you wanna go north and stand on the bus-station, there is almost no chance to get a lift, cars already sorted on the left of the roundabout and have no chance to stop.

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