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<map lat="54.768265817945725" lng="11.884963035582897" zoom="13" view="0" float="right" /> Nyk%C3%B8bing_Falster is a city in Denmark.

Hitching out

Southwest towards Rodby (ferry to Puttgarden) 9

Road number 9 near the bus station is the road you can take to get to the ferry to Germany via Puttgarden. See the map for the exact location, but you'll see an inlet next to the road and just before the exit of the tunnel underneath the train station. Cars can safely stop here because not many cars go into this inlet. The only problem is that the inlet is just before a corner and probably many car drivers don't see the inlet because you are blocking the view. Anyway, we still waited for more than one hour to be picked up, but this could also be because of Scandinavian nature ;).

Accommodation and Sleep

Try the Hostelling International hostel at Østre Alle. Although you should pay for the night, they have reasonably comfy couches in the TV room and at night there is no reception but the doors are just unlocked for guests to enter. So just see if you can sneak in.