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<map lat="25.66667000000012" lng="-100.3166699999966" zoom="11" view="3" float="right" />
Flag of Mexico
State: Nuevo León
Population: 1,100,000 (city) to 4,000,000 (including metropolitan area)
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Monterrey is the capital of the Mexican federal state of Nuevo León. Together with Guadalupe and a few other municipalities it forms the Monterrey metropolitan area. Monterrey is one of the most important economic centers of the country. Due to its proximity, there is a heavy cultural influence of the US on "regiomontanos" (people from Monterrey). Note that Monterrey has suffered heavily under the Mexican drug war. People are therefore extremely suspicious to strangers. This can often be noted when asking for directions. Locals will usually tell you the wrong way, to prevent you (being a potential contract killer) finding your victim. This might be different when clearly a foreigner.