Midland (Texas)

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Haven't had the experience of "hermit buttfucks" the last author listed below, most ranchers and farmers who've picked me up in Texas have been quite generous with things like food and cash. But that being said the Midland/Odessa area is full of oil workers which can be a plus depending on your location.

If you're unlucky enough to get stuck like I did (twice now) between SE Loop 338 in Odessa and Holiday Hill Road in Odessa, you WILL be walking. There are tons of trucks flying both East and West, but none will stop - virtually all are heading to an oil field or office either North or South of I-20. If you're here, you're screwed.

The good news is roughly halfway between the two roads is highway 349. Easy to get cash and a bite to eat. Even better, a gigantic office building (formerly a Texas Instruments building) is located nearby at this location: (31.9128867, -102.2088384 - south side of I-20). There is a security guard in a pickup but that's it (he was watching movies while I set up camp). The building itself is huge but there's an unlocked door on the far South side of the building. Inside will take you back a few decades to the pre-pc era of the 1980's office culture. Enjoy the exploration of ancient security equipment, gun cabinets, 80s office decorations and cafeterias. All of this was replaced with a single file server located in wing B. Water is shut off on the South side of the building but functions on the North side. There are several jantitor's closets with basins and hoses, enjoy your shower. You can walk the remaining 5 miles tomorrow. -jsplts


Weirdly Midland is a good place to hitchhike into & out of. WTF, isn't this Texas? Dig it: oil workers are are not individualist hermit buttfucks the way ranchers are and they're totally cool with giving you a lift. (Midland and Odessa exist because of the oil industry that is there) I dunno, this is just one experience, could be just our good luck when we were there. Midland is George Bush's birthplace.