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Mekece is a village in northwestern Turkey. It’s located on highway D650, between Adapazari and Bilecik. This is the place where you’ll first arrive on D650 if you are coming via the mountainous road from Iznik in the west.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Osmaneli, Bilecik, then all the way to Antalya

Although there is adequate traffic, this is of no use to the hitchhiker, because as of April 2009, highway passing through the village has apparently no shoulder because of road constructions in the area. Some couple hundred of metres down the road from the southern exit of the village, however, there is a gas station where you can ask truck drivers for a lift or thumb in its exit lane. That, seems, is the only chance in this village.

Osmaneli, a much bigger town (population around 13,000) is only 15 km to the south. Some drivers heading there point their index finger to the ground while passing by, implying they won’t go very far. So having a sign saying ‘Osmaneli’ may be helpful just for the sake of getting out of Mekece and finding a better place to continue hitching.