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Las Vegas is a city in Nevada. The legality of hitchhiking is tricky, make sure to not stand "in a roadway" "exclusive of the berm or shoulder." Standing on the shoulder or sidewalk of a roadway and sticking out your thumb should be fine, still it's probably better to not be hitchhiking too openly when you see police in the distance (or nearer by). The interstate (highway) has a different jurisdiction, you might not want to walk too far up the on ramp.

Hitchhiking out

Note: there is a fairly frequent SDX bus that can help you get away from the Strip.

North towards Beatty, Death Valley, Carson City, Reno

Route US 95

You can take the 106 bus (slow) or the Centennial Express (CX) bus (faster) towards Centennial Heights. There's an on-ramp not too far from the terminal.


North on I-15 towards Salt Lake City, Utah

The most northern part of the city right before you leave there is a rest stop/truck stop at exit 54 for the Las Vegas Speedway. This is an excellent place to go north. This is the last chance for people leaving Las Vegas to stock up and there is really only one direction for them to travel and that is north on I-15.

South/East towards Interstate 40 (Flagstaff) or Phoenix

In Las Vegas there's a bus that goes all along Tropicana Ave (stops at the Strip too!) that can drop you very close to the on ramp of 68. The stop is somewhat after Sandhill Road. Just communicate with the driver, he will know. A ticket is 2 Dollars. From the on ramp it's pretty easy to catch a ride. Just make sure you bring enough water cause it gets really hot out there and you might wait for quite some time...

It is easy to catch a ride to Boulder City, once there, getting out can be slightly tricky. Keep walking out of town along US 93 until you pass the last big intersection (Nevada Hwy). The shoulders are wide, but traffic is going fast here; you may catch slower traffic merging from the intersection. It may be wise to use an extra large hitchhiking sign here for the swift traffic to be able to read. Unfortunately there is no better place to catch a ride than this. At least you will be visible to any and all traffic leaving Vegas in this direction.

South towards Los Angeles

On West Tropicana Ave about a 15 minutes walk from the Strip (0.8 Miles) there's a truck stop around Wild Wild West Truck Plaza. Lot's of Trucks are leaving to Los Angeles from here. Just hang out here for a while and talk to the drivers...


Sign up for the casino memberships (need US ID card or international passport), you get free 5$ gambling money and they might give you free hotel rooms in the future.

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