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<map lat="61.879519 " lng="23.726864" zoom="12" controls="small" float="right" /> Kuru is a former municipality of Finland, now part of the town of Ylöjärvi. The municipality's population was about 2,000.

Hitchhiking out

South to Tampere or Helsinki

Most southbound traffic from Kuru follows Road 65 to Tampere or the smaller city Ylöjärvi (about 20km outside Tampere). You should be picked up even if you don't use a sign, as the area is not very populated and most people would assume you are going to Tampere anyway. However, as always, use of a sign increases your chances of getting picked up.

There is a bus stop a bit further South from the crossroad between Virastotie and Poikuleksuntie, which cars can use to pull over (and also provides shelter from rain). If you continue for about 500m on that road, you will find a hardware store and a SEO gas station (almost next to the Myllymäentie/Poikuleksuntie crossroad) which could be worth a try.

There is also a ABC gas station in the city centre, next to a "Sale" supermarket, so it might be worth checking that out as well.

To continue to Helsinki once you're in a car to Tampere, check this page.

Around the city

There isn't much to do or see in Kuru, but despite its small size Kuru has two supermarkets, a medical centre, a bank, and three pubs/restaurants. The reason for that is that it used to be the centre of the municipality, so a lot of people from smaller neighbouring towns/villages used to go there for their necessities.

There is also a second-hand shop, a pharmacy, a sports centre and gym, but Kuru is mostly known for the forestry department of Tampere College (Tampereen Ammattiopisto Metsäoppilatos) which teaches courses in Forestry, Nature and Wilderness Guiding, and Forestry Machine Operators, among others.

Kuru is next to lake Yläisjärvi and also the bigger lake Näsijärvi, which goes all the way to Tampere.