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Kruševac (Serbian Cyrillic: Крушевац) is a city and municipality in central Serbia. According to the 2002 census it had a population of 75,256 (municipality: 133,732).

Hitchhiking works good, although it takes time, depending on the place.

  • uncle_sam01 got a ride from the city center on the way to Sarajevo, after a local bus to the outskirts took forever to arrive. After reaching Čitluk (ie. the outskirts) some locals saw us hitching and invited us for some food and drinks. Afterwards gave us a lift to Koševi (about 7 km) from the city center, which is the best spot to hitch since a local road that bypasses Kruševac joins the main road - lots of trucks and Bosnian cars. (August 2015)

For more up-to-date info, it's better to check Hitchhiker's guide to Serbia on "SerbiaTravelers Club" website.