Inaugural Oceanian Hitchgathering 2014

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On June 11th a Hitchgathering will take place in the beautiful rainforests north of Cairns, in the state of Queensland, Australia. It will be either the first or the first Hitchgathering in a very long time in Australia.

A facebook page under the name of Inaugural Oceanian Hitchgathering 2014 has been created and if there are questions use the contact section of this article. At the latest the exact location will be published both on this page and the facebook page of this gathering.


The gathering will take place north of Cairns, most probably in the Cedar Bay area but the exact location is yet to be set in stone. We will gather using similiar principles as happens on European Hitchgatherings and we will be living communally in nature. There will no electricity points and phone-reception is by no means guaranteed.


The location is a little bit remote but this place will be memorable and absolutely worth it. It is about 500 Km north of Cairns and the nearest really reliable dumpters will be either in Cooktown or nearer but we won't know that until we scout the small towns of the area. However luckily for us fruit and coconut trees abound where we will be camped so together we shall feast, laugh and share under the stars.

The exact location will be published a few days in advance of the actual gathering on this page.

Depending on our proximity to the sea there may or not be salt water crocodiles and, as rare as attacks are, it should be known that we might be sharing the wilderness with these majestic creatures.


Things you may want to bring;

- Tent/hammock or other camp setup. Sleeping bag may not be redundant but not necessary either. It is a rainforest and as such a wide range of animals can be expected.

- Food like Rice, Lentils, nuts, beans and other sustaining staples that will minimize the amount of food runs we need to do will be quite handy.

- Instruments and laughter

- Tarp to create a rain/sun proof shared area for hanging out and possibly sleeping.

- A sense of not expecting any authority to tell you what you should do, we are wanderers and we are free.

- Love, this word that encompasses so much. Anything from a smile to a helping hand. From picking up a shovel to dig a new shit-pit to arranging a food-run if needed. Love, to make this gathering as magical as it possibly could be.


Can happen at any time by anyone. If you happen to really want to scout there is no central organization for it, so no leading scout or anything but so far it seems like Theo will definitely be in the area scouting from the 20th of May and onwards.


(Feel free to add your email or something to this list to help people who may have a question or two about the gathering but no possibilities of using the Facebook page to get the information they might need :D)