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Hormoz or Hormuz island is a small island in the Persian Gulf that belongs to Iran. The only way to get to this beautiful island is by speedboat. It will take you around half an hour from the port in Bandar Abbas to get there.

Cars are not allowed on the island but you can try to hitch some motorcycles. There are also some people who work as taxi drivers on little 'pick-up bikes'. As they are taxi drivers, they will charge you some money but compared to euro it's next to nothing.

Camping on Hormoz island is possible and a real pleasure! Nice temperatures all year around (although maybe too hot in summer) and nice spots for camping. If you go to the beach a few kilometres out of town without the police knowing you're there, you can do basically anything you like, like swimming in the ocean. Although there are only a few policemen on the island, they can be really bothering and annoying. Best is to avoid them and be nice to them if they want to speak to you.