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Hitchhiking contexts are...

Feel free to add contexts you feel may potentially blend in your hitchhiking experiences, or give a description of the experience of your feelings according to such contexts. Feel free to edit and re-arrange the classifications...

The hike as the message?

or, the medium as message

Mc Luhan, "The Medium is the message"

"Experiencing the hike for the hike, in every present moment"

"bing" - "enlightenment" - "the self-realized guru in his hitchhiking open-cave present moment dimensionality"


  • No specific time for arrival
  • Specific time of arrival




  • hitchhiking to meet loved ones
  • hitchhiking with a loved one as to get to know each other better
  • hitchhiking to meet unknown friends
  • hitchhiking with a direction
  • hitchhiking with a cause
  • hitchhiking with a cause and direction

note: also see Mirto's comments on Why_I_Hitchhike

  • Socio-Anthropo-Psychological investigations

of the degree of empathy, autism, alienation,... in certain societal environments.



  • burn-out hitchhiking, Aimless trajectory
  • hitchhiking by default as no other options become visible to one's confusion after a relationship breakup
  • hitchhiking by default when out of money and options

Semi-aimless / Aimful aimless trajectory


  • "hitchhiking nonstop and without destination through Paris during a transportation strike in the name of adding to the confusion"

reference : Theory of the Derive, Nomadic Trajectories - pdf

  • hitching without burn-out, experience talking to drivers
  • watching landscape


  • speaking with people/strangers about certain life events/reflecting

More Situations

With various aimful, aimless, timely and random potential:

Initially non-intended hitchhiking:

  • Car breakdown
  • Bus breakdown
  • Flight disruptions due to Volcanic ash?
  • Being kidnapped after playing "The Game" and wanting to return to your Manor house.