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Hitchhiking Planet was running at http://www.hitchwiki.org/planet/ . A "planet" is a website that aggregates a lot of other blogs. This planet should obviously mostly be about hitchhiking. Posts can be philosophical, personal, political, scientific, or funny, as long as they're more or less about hitchhiking.

The software Guaka is using Planet to make this happen.

Hitchhiking Planet disappeared somewhere in the early 2010's.

Blogs to add

It's best if you have a category or label "hospitality exchange" with an accompanying feed, and directly add a link to the feed here.


There are already a bunch of German blog posts. Do we keep it mixed? Or set up other languages as well? I kinda like the mix, but I could be an exception here ;)

  • Would be cool, if we could separate them somehow, so a user can turn certain languages on or off. Any ideas, if/how this is possible?
Yay, planetplanet is just great :) I added some checkboxes, so any user can easily switch off languages he doesn't understand. The setting is stored in a cookie, so your browser will remember it --MrTweek 11:33, 18 August 2008 (CEST)