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In 60s and 70s, there were special pubs for hitchhikers around Europe. At that time, there was no hitchwiki yet, so that is where hitchhikers could exchange information and knowledge. If you had lost your travel companion, you were almost sure to find him in there. Drivers were also passing by to find hitchhikers! In those places you could meet many travellers, find notes from fellows hitchhikers, from drivers, you could also leave a note. That is where people were getting info about hitch spots, other hitchhikers pubs, Freak Buses, free festivals around Europe.

Main Places were located in Amsterdam and in London, because Freak Buses were starting from there. The most famous one in Amsterdam was called Melk Weg, there was also Cafe Prinz – very trendy place, and Paradiso Club. In Hamburg it was Star Club, where also Beatles played. There was one in Milano...

As many people were going to India with Freak Buses (cheap buses owned hippies, mostly by Amsterdamers, going to Asia. Usually you would go half way in a bus, half way hitchhiking), you could also find some famous bars on the way. In Istambul, you would go to Pudding Shop, that was a hippie cafe across the street from Blue Mosque. There was a special hippie hotel in Teheran, it was a kind of starting point to go to India. Afterwards you could find hitchhikers places on the road - one in Herat, in Kabul, New Delhi, Goa...


And now, we have hitchwiki. But still, we - hitchhikers community - we should reestablish this amazing tradition!

Insofar there was one hitchhikers pub found. It was discovered by Mirto while she was hopelessly trying to hitch on a very small petrol station near Rennes in the middle of the night, but instead she was picked up and hosted by one of Pubs owners.

La Vie Enchantiée is located in center of Rennes.

How to recognize hitch'bar?

We can designate these bars as hitchhiking-meet-up spaces, where people come to to meet fellow real traveler.
Those bar's management should by hitchhikers friendly and helpful. Ideal would be discounts for hhikers, for example if they show hitch'sign ;)

In those places should be available:

  • Random Roads
  • More and less local Maps
  • Practical info about nearest hitch'spots, comfortable parks, free shops, dumpsters, free medical care in the region, how to avoid paying for public transport...
  • Phone numbers of local hosts (So when a hhiker comes to a city, he goes to hitch'bar and calls up hosts for a beer - then they decide if they want to open their doors for him. It would be a perfect solution for spontaneous travellers.
  •  ???

At those places travellers exhibitions and similar events could take place.

Help to find other hitchhikers Bars/Pubs/Cafes! 
Imagine going to a pub, where you wan always find a bunch of Thumb Travellers!