Hitchgathering/2016/Pre-gathering in Lithuania

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The pre-gathering is gonna take place in the tiny village Sakniava in the South-East of Lithuania close to the Polish and Belorussian border from 1st until 3rd of August. It's a private place with other events going on, so the timeframe is sorta strict.

The exact coordinates are 54.148579,23.768609 (googlemap satellite view), the village is located between the towns Veisiejai, Serijai and Vainiunai.

Remember that roads around there are tiny. See one of the possible nearby turnings — so prepare to walk some distance.

We are invited onto the property of a friends friend called Alanas. Photos of the place on FB.

There is lots of space to put tents, two ponds, a sauna, a barn for hiding from bad weather, two bigger lakes nearby.

We should bring some food, but we can also buy some stuff from the locals/neighbors. They could even cook for us for some donations. We're gonna have big pots for cooking.

The people in the village are vegetarian, don't drink and don't smoke. Please respect that and don't bring meat, alcohol and tobacco. You sure can live 3 days without. ;-)

n0id is co-organizing the pre-gathering and is in touch with Alanas and other locals.

The main gathering will happen in Norway, read more.