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<map lat='57.59293' lng='9.966102' zoom='14' view='0' float='right'/> Hirtshals is a small town at the northern coast of Denmark.

It might be worth spending some time around, it has a nice 35 metre high lighthouse and is home to one of the largest aquariums in Europe, the Nordsøen Oceanarium.

Watch out for sand in the bay areas, during some conditions it turns into dangerous quicksand. Ask locals, and camp only on grass.

Ferries towards north

Hirtshals hosts ferry harbours from where you can get to Norway (several destinations), Faroe Islands and Iceland. For detailed information about ferries and all destinations check the websites of: Smyril Line, Fjord Line, Color Line, Nor Lines.

Taking the Color Line ferry to Kristiansand: unfortunately payment is per car and per person so you can’t get a free ferry ride by hitching a car. The tickets are cheaper if you buy them online (no need to print them, just write down the reservation code). There is no Wi-Fi in the building but there are computers with internet access in “Hyttefadet”, some sort of restaurant just 2 minutes away. (Both the building where you can buy tickets and the restaurant are marked on the map.) (April 2013)

Town landscape.

Entrances for a foot passangers and cars are located cca. 8 minutes from each other. But to walk from one to another could be a little difficult.

In the restaurant as you go towards the bathroom there is another way you can take left, you pass through a room with slot machines and in the end on the right side there are two computers with internet access. There is also a machine with coffee, hot chocolate, etc. that doesn't require coins. It's not obvious who is supposed to have access to this area, you can ask at the desk or just sneak in. (April 2013)

On the ferry (ship “Superspeed 1”) there is an area with reserved tables for truck drivers who can eat there (company pays for them and it’s an open buffet with drinks). A truck driver can take you there and no one might ask you anything. Suman Mircea didn't see anyone checking people at the entrance to this area, maybe the responsible person was temporarily away but if you keep a low profile you could probably just walk in. This area is towards the front of the ship, possibly on deck 8. (April 2013)

You can walk around even to other areas of the ship without being asked questions; you can use an empty seat in “Business” or “Voyager” class to sleep.

Taking the Color Line ferry to Larvik: Hitching the car (ticket for a passanger in a car) is cheaper than ticket for a normal one. A price of the ticket for a foot passanger is variable/dynamic. It depends on a number of passangers, time and way of buying. (e.g. in the morning of the departure price was around 38 euros, although one hour before departure it was around 30). Cars need to be there one hour before departure, but a ticket for foot passangers can be bought 20 minutes before departure. Be aware that when entering Larvik, there is a passport control. (On the other hand, there is none when returning to Hirtshals.)

Taking the Fjord Line ferry to Kristiansand or Bergen: It´s important to say that you pay same price for a passanger no matter of having a car or not. The Bergen ferry is bigger and more modern with rooms for sleeping. Going to Kristiansand, try not to pay for comfort. The difference is slightly bigger chairs and being separated from basic class, aka not better suitable for sleeping. Don't try to sneak into the buffé here, it is expensive and well guarded. There is no wifi on board, but the Fjord Line terminal (next to the beach) has excellent wifi and a large waiting area that is open until 23:30. Watch out for the soda and candy machine, for foreign cards it takes 20 kronor extra per purchase without notifying you. Bathrooms available here, possibly ok to take a nap without being disturbed.