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This is an article on how to add a country information box to an article.

For example, have a look at Germany, Afghanistan or Morocco to see what a country information box is (the little box on the right top of the page).

How to add

Now, we want to add a country information box for a specific country. This may be for example China. First, we open a new browser window and open the hitchwiki article on China:

Amazing! Now, you can click on edit at the top of the page. A text box appears where you can change the current article on China. Now you don't want to change anything but adding a little information box, you click left to the first letter at the top of the textbox. There you now type in

{{Infobox Country

and press ENTER on your keyboard. Then you type

|country = 

This parameter adds the name of the country to the information box. As we now want to add the box to the China article, we can type

|country = China

That's it! Easy, hum? But of course of little sweet information box offers more than just the name of the country. You can simply add the languages sproken in the country, the capital, population, currency and the hitchability of the nation. This is easily done by adding the following parameters under the country parameter added just some seconds ago.

|language =
|capital = 
|pop = 
|currency = 
|hitch =

Most important: At the end of your box, so after adding all information you know you have to write this:



That's it! At the end, the top of your edit box offers this text:

{{infobox Country
|country = China
|language = Chinese
|capital = [[Beijing]]
|pop = a lot!
|currency = Yen, I guess 
|hitch = {{good}} (''good'')

To have a look how your box now may look like, visit China, France, Morocco, Austria or any other country with a still existing information box. Of course you also can change information, maybe if some country suddenly has 10,000 more inhabitants or if the hitchability isn't that good than claimed on the article.