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Geseke is a town in Germany. It is a quite small place on the A44 motorway and the hitching spot is far away to reach. Find a friend in the city and try to get there by car. Public transport is a desaster and useless to go to the motorway.

Hitching out

West towards Netherlands, Soest, Dortmund, east towards Kassel, Dresden Bundesautobahn 44 number.svg

From the center or train station it is a five kilometers walk and very exhausting mostly just straight head. On the other hand you will for sure not get lost. After getting out of the train station turn right and just follow the ring road for a while. After 10 minutes you will arrive at "Erwitter Strasse", also called B1. Turn left to the direction of Salzkotten/Paderborn and on the first big crossing you turn right. There are signs to the motorway 44, just follow them. When you finally arrive at the motorway, there is an Autohof with a famous American fast food restaurant. Traffic in both directions of the A44 is quite good here.