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Invite to Eurizons 2007

Dear friends of GLEN,

maybe you have already heard about Eurizons, a Europe-wide campaigning project of GLEN which was carried out in 2006 for the first time (see The preparations of Eurizons 2007 have now started. From Feb 15 to 18 a seminar is going to take place in Krakow, Poland, where the first ideas for Eurizons 2007 will be presented and more people from our European network for global education are invited to join the preparation process and enrich the new Eurizons project with their ideas and creativity.

Eurizons 2007 will probably take place in Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, France and Brussels (final event). People from these countries are particularly welcome to join the preparation network, but also people from other countries can support the project - and learn a lot from this unique experience.

Please read the details below - and hope to see some of you in Krakow! Johannes

Von: Zuzana Kissova [1] Gesendet: Montag, 15. Januar 2007 12:51 Betreff: Kick of meeting of Eurizons 2007

Kick-off meeting of Eurizons 2007!!!

Between 15.02. - 18.02.2007 Eurizons 2007, national teams, networking and preparation Seminar will take place in Krakow/ Poland.

Dear development education activists!

After the great success of Eurizons 2006, a group of former hitchhikers and National Coordinators started to use their experiences to develop Eurizons 2007. The result of this process is a Europe-wide campaigning tour through several European countries, in order to educate a wide European public and particularly young development education activists. Eurizons is carried out by the GLEN-Network and will take place in September 2007.

To advance Eurizons 2007 further and to fill the project with life, ideas and enthusiasm we want to invite you to the Eurizons 2007 national teams, networking and preparation Seminar in February 2007. The seminar will take place from Thursday, February 15th to Sunday, February 18th 2007 in the nice polish city of Cracow. Please note, that this is a seminar for people willing to participate in the central or national coordination. Therefore a precondition of participation on the seminar is a committment to actively take part in the coordination of Eurizons 2007 and readiness to take over tasks and responsibilities!

The Eurizons 2007 national team, networking and preparation seminar offers you the opportunity to get actively involved in the planning process of the project. Your experiences and ideas, your creativity and enthusiasm will make the project work.

Supported by professional campaigners and event managers from all over Europe as well as experienced Eurizonists, the joint preparation of the project offers the possibility to start co-ordinated activities in the field of development politics and lobbying.

All the developed ideas and iniciatives can be made accessible for a broader public during the campaign and within the Eurizons Network.

For this purpose the seminar location offers the best conditions: The seminar house is located in the heart of the beautiful polish city of Cracow, the city invites for walks in the old town and a visit in the famous Jordan Park where Eurizons 2006 took place.

Details about the content of the seminar:

We would like to start on Thursday, February 15, with dinner (ca. 7pm).

The first day will give us the possibility to get to know each other and to start creating our personal Eurizons 2007 network .

Friday, February 16, will cover the following topics:

communication of development issues, moderation and presentation skills, how to lobby EU and national-polititians and getting to know Eurizons 2007 Beside experienced participants of Eurizons 2006 there will be also experts in lobbying and mediawork.

Saturday, February 17, focuses on:

methodological skills to organise Eurizons events, transfering the lessons learned on Friday into a concept of Eurizons-events, how to make a budget for an event .

Therefore an external expert in event manegement is supporting us.

Sunday, February 18, gives us the time to transfer the lessons learned on Friday and Saturday:

Therefore we are going to create Eurizons in small.

You will receive more detailed information before the beginning of the seminar.

The central team is preparing the program for the meeting.

If you have any suggestions, please send them to ( [email protected]).

Please consider that the Eurizons 2007 national team, networking and preparation seminar is an constituent of your participation to the Eurizons campaign at national level. If you should encounter any difficulties concerning the date, please direct any questions to [email protected].

Attached you find the enrolement sheet which should be send back before February 01, 2007 to the Eurizons-team ( [email protected]).

Aditionally we attached you an interactive overview of the seminar and the whole Eurizons Project.

We look forward to seeing you, hearing your stories and ideas!

For the preparation team

Your Eurizons 2007 preparation seminar lead facilitators

Kiska, Kamila, Vincent, Aga, Vlada, Rolands, Kamil, Michal, Christoph, Tobias, Johannes

To be sure who exactly will be enrolled in the meeting please fill in the attached Enrollement sheat and send it via e-mail to [email protected]

In terms of logistic things, please write also if you are a vegeterian or not.


Between August 23rd and September 8th 2006, a team of 50 young Europeans hitch-hiked 2500 km from Riga through 8 countries to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. On their tour they promoted the 8 Millennium Development Goals and discuss the responsibility of Europe and Europeans for their achievement through events in 8 cities and a colourful campaign on their way.

This project called EURIZONS, organized by the GLEN network (Global Education Network), in which an association of European NGOs will take part in 2007!

For details on background info, news from the tour, discussions in the weblog, photos, contact details and application form for the EURIZONS tour 2007 have a look at our website!

P.S. Please spread this email in your networks and help us to invite as many interested people as possible to participate in the Eurizons events!