Delchevo-Blagoevgrad border crossing

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Delchevo-Blagoevgrad border crossing
<map lat="41.988077319377" lng="22.874222177714" zoom="13" view="0" float="right" />
Countries: Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria | Flag of North Macedonia North Macedonia
Type: Road

The Delechevo-Blagoevgrad border crossing connects North Macedonia and Bulgaria. One can walk across this border.

This border crossing does not have very dense traffic. Zenit crossed into North Macedonia here on a Wednesday, and there was one car per 5-10 minutes max. You might be faster to use the Kriva Palanka-Kyustendil border crossing or even the road via Niš in Serbia. The staff, however, were very friendly and admired Zenits dreadlocks with great childlike wonder.

Hitchhiking out towards North Macedonia

There's some space to stop behind the police checkpoint. It's not recommended to start walking towards the valley as the road is very narrow and very windy right from the start. On the other hand side, there's so little traffic that it's not a big deal to stop even in a bend.