Crossable rest areas in the Netherlands

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At the following Rest area's in the Netherlands it is possible to change sides of the motorway on foot, to reach a petrol stations or parking area on the other side of the motorway. The information has been collected by User:Fverhart based on own knowledge and Google maps / streetview.

  • Exit numbers gives the position of the service station within the concerned motorway
  • Service station up / down gives the name of the service station going up / down the motorway (increasing / decreasing exit numbers)
  • Side of crossing declares the side where crossing is possible. If stations are not opposite of each other, but apart in walking distance, the side to cross is not always the same, as the crossing can be between the two service stations. T stands for a service station with petrol sales. P stands for a parking area without petrol sales.
  • Crossing defines if a crossing is "direct" or "indirect". A direct crossing is one where a bridge, tunnel or road has been made for pedestrians and/or vehicles to cross. An indirect crossing involves walking through possible obstacles, such as grass, climbing up to a bridge, a fence or possibly jumping a narrow ditch with water. If listed here, the crossing should be reasonably possible for a physically healthy person. Hard stands for an indirect crossing which may be hard to accomplish because of possible bigger obstacles (high fence, broader water), or crossing is not safe or not legal and easily noticeable.
  • Time to cross give the time needed to cross from one side to the other in minutes. Time to cross will not exceed this time in a normal pedestrian speed.
Motorway Exit numbers Service station up Side of crossing Service station down Side of crossing Crossing Time to cross
A1 4-5 T Honswijck west T Hackelaar west indirect 30
A1 16-17 T Tolnegen foot tunnel T Tolnegen foot tunnel direct 3
A1 21-22 T Vundelaar west T De Paal west indirect 30
A1 26-28 T Struik foot tunnel T Bolder foot tunnel direct 3
A1 31-32 T Veelsveld west T Het Lonnekermeer east hard 10
A2 17-18 T De Lucht foot tunnel T De Lucht foot tunnel direct 3
A2 26-27 T Velder south T Ooijendonk north indirect 20
A2 35-36 T 't Haasje south T Groote Bleek south indirect 20
A2 39-40 P Roevenpeel foot tunnel T Meiberg foot tunnel direct 3
A2 57-58 T Knuvelkes south T Patiel north indirect 30
A4 3-4 T Den Ruygen Hoek foot tunnel T Den Ruygen Hoek foot tunnel direct 3
A4 6-6a T Bospoort north T Aurora north indirect 30
A6 18-19 P De Wiel south P De Lanen south direct 30
A7 13-14 P De Wierde south P Hoge kwel south indirect 20
A7 14-15 P Monument bridge P Monument bridge direct 3
A7 14-15 T Breezanddijk bridge T Breezanddijk bridge direct 3
A7 15-16 T Hayum east T Zurich west indirect 20
A7 32-33 T Mienscheer east T Oude riet west indirect 30
A9 5-6 T Amstelveen east T Amstelveen east indirect 10
A9 8-9 T Akermaat north T Twaalfmaat north indirect 20
A12 14-15 T Bijleveld west T Hellevliet west hard 10
A12 22-23 T Bloemheuvel foot tunnel T Oudenhorst foot tunnel direct 3
A12 24-25 T Kabeljauw west T Ginkelse Zand west indirect 30
A12 29-D T Bergh west T Bergh west indirect 30
A15 26-27 T Steenenhoek west T De Bout west indirect 10
A15 29-30a T Eigenblok east T Molenkamp east indirect 10
A15 35-36 T Overbroek foot tunnel T Varakker foot tunnel direct 3
A16 B-14 T Hazeldonk foot tunnel T Hazeldonk foot tunnel direct 3
A16 23 T Sandelingen foot tunnel T Sandelingen foot tunnel direct 3
A20 16-17 T De Vink foot tunnel T Maatveld foot tunnel direct 3
A27 16-17 T Kalix Berna north T Galgeveld north indirect 60
A27 28 T De Knoest south T De Kroon south indirect 10
A27 34-35 T Eemakker north T 't Veentje north indirect 20
A28 13-14 T Willemsbos foot tunnel T Hendriksbos foot tunnel direct 3
A28 21-22 T De Markte south T Haerst south indirect 20
A30 2-3 T De Poel north T De Veenen north indirect 10
A50 17-18 T Meilanden north T Weerboek south indirect 10
A50 23-24 T De Somp north T De Brink north indirect 10
A58 12-13 T Raakeind foot tunnel T Molenheide foot tunnel direct 3
A58 16-18 T Bremberg east T Liesbos east indirect 10
A58 21-22 T Hoezaar west T Mastpolder west indirect 30
A58 26-27 T Wouwse Tol foot tunnel T Wouwse Tol foot tunnel direct 3
A59 32-33 T Hespelaar east T Steelhoven west indirect 10
A59 51-52 T De Lucht west T Barriere west indirect 30
A67 B-32 T Het Goor east T De Beerze east indirect 40
A67 36-37 T Het Gevlocht west T De Leysing west indirect 20
A73 5-6 T Lokkant south T Hondsiep south indirect 20
A73 9-10 T De Wuust foot tunnel T Romeinse Put foot tunnel direct 3
A73 19-20 T Hoogvonderen south T Spik south indirect 20
A76 7-D T Tienbaan west T Langveld west indirect 20