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Crosby is located in the central valley of the Isle of Man, half way between Peel and Douglas on the A1 (Peel Road).

Hitchhiking out

Heading to Douglas, east bound

Start hitching after the row of houses on the left, in the 30mph zone.

Heading to Peel, west bound

Start hitching just after the shop and post box opposite the bus-shelter at the base of the hill.

Heading to Garth, south bound

At the shop cross-roads head down hill a bit then hitch along the flat before the steep hill. Keep moving and hitch after the steep hill, it opens out soon enough.

Heading north through Baldwin, up-hill

Not advised as there is little traffic and the A1 is quicker.

Note if it is particularly bad weather you can waiting a while in the bus shelter opposite the old shop/crossroads.