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Cregneash on the Isle of Man is a beautiful small village with a phone box and a church that everyone passes through on their way to the 'sound-cafe'.

Hitchhiking out

Heading south-west to the sound-cafe

As it is downhill you haven't got long to go if you walk for 20 minutes.

Heading north to Port Erin

A good walk and you will only catch a lift in the first 10 minutes of walking on the left before it starts to go down-hill. Note that the turning is a small road just to the south-west of the village.

Heading East towards Port St. Mary

You can start hitching anywhere along here although as it is downhill you won't get much response after the flat-top bit. Remember to stay on the road till the cross-roads. The bus frequents this route but don't get caught down at the cafe after 4/5pm ish as there's no lifts, no bus, and the manager won't take kindly to offering you a lift back up north.