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Chatillon-sur-Loire is a small town in Central France. Many people live here and commute to Paris which is about 150km in the north. In the summer, quite a few tourists visit because of the Loire river. 100km in the south lies Nevers

Hitchhiking out

People are incredibly friendly here, especially when it rains. Jason often hitches here to Paris, Auxerre and Pierrefitte-ès-Bois. Hitch anywhere outside the small town and you'll find a ride quickly. To Pierrefitte-ès-Bois, the traffic will be infrequent as it gets towards nighttime. It seems harder to hitch when one has long hair. As normal, though?

Public Transport

Nonexistent, it seems.

Places to Visit

The canal, Briare (to reach it - a fantastic walk along the riverside which should take you about one hour, or 10 minutes by hitching), walking the streets, old crumbling houses, great fantastic encore.

Places to Avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

Contact Jason for a couch or find yourself a place by the canal or by the river in a huge fantastic field.

Other Useful Info

Cheap vine, good bread and seemingly quite a few abandoned houses. But investigate yourself.