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Cancún is a city in Mexico, on the North-Eastern tip of the Yucatan peninsula.

Hitchhiking out

West towards Valladolid, Mérida

Plan A.

You can take collectivo bus to colonia Valley verde. You can found this bus on crossroad Avenida Lopez Portillo and Avenida tulum. On right side of park Crucerro.

This bus cost 12 pesos in July 2023, and deliver you to west side of city. After driver turn on south way, ask him to stop. You need walk throught the Av. lopez portillo, and you can watch bus stop. You can start hitchhicking here. In this places you have 2 troubles. Very much local cars, and very faster car traffic today. Also not much distance far this place cituated cafe, And people there roast barbecues. Smoke from BBQ can disturb.

This is the cheapest and easiest way to take car out for Cancun.

Plan B.

You can walk 1.31Km fron colonia valley verde to next gas station Gulf and if u speak Espanol- ask driver to take you in police control place in west side of Cancun, if driver folow to Merida- take you. If you dont speak Espanol- you can use plate Merida in your hand- to give infomation drivers, what you need.

Plan C.

You can walk 2.58 km from colonia Valley verde to police control point in West side of Cancun. Here all cars change speed to 20 km\h. Here is dont difficult find car if you use plate Merida.

Plan D.

If you dont want walk 2.58 km from valley verde to police control place- you can take collectivo in village Leona Vicario. Price in June 2023 is 50 pesos. You can find collectivo to village Leona Vicario near park Crucero, west side of Avenida Lopez Partillo- is Calle 5 or Calle 7. You need speak with driver collectivo and ask them to escape after police control place.

Plan E.

You can visit in ADO terminal and buy ticket on bus to small village call "leona vicario". Price in may 2022 is 40 pesos. From Cancun to merida possible 2 ways: road 180 and road 180D. Way 180D its paid. Not much drivers who ride in Merida want pay over 20 US dollars. Biggest part of cars ride on ussual road 180.

Inside Liona Vicario all traffic who ride in Valladolid and Merida. Speed of the cars not big. I use plate MERIDA, and wait car to Merida 10 minutes.

Places to avoid

Most likely the hotel zone or Cancún in general if you're not up to crowdy beach vacation at all-inclusive resort hotels.

Accommodation and Sleep

You could definitely sleep in the airport if you're into such kinds of places.

Other useful info

Isla de mujeres Is an 18min boat ride from Cancun. Although it's touristy, it is well worth a visit. There used to be a cheaper ferry only for cars, but they don't take pedestrians anymore, so Ultramar Is the only option. Tourist price is 150pesos one way (it's a black ticket), but if you kindly ask an islander to buy the ticket for you the price would be 42pesos (orange colour ticket), or a Quintana Roo resident (purple colour ticket) it would be 78pesos. Hitchhiking within the island is very easy, make sure to visit the Southern point as well.