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<map lat='48.75' lng='8.25' zoom='12' view='3'/>
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg.png
Population: 55.000
Licence plate: BAD
Major roads: A5
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Baden-Baden is a small town in Germany, south of Karlsruhe located at the edge of the Black Forest. Mostly retired people and/or rich people who want to get rid of their money in the casino come here.

View over Baden-Baden

Hitchhiking Out

There is a service station (with a church!) in Baden-Baden straight at the A5. Be aware that this station is only situated on the southbound side of the motorway. To get there take a train or tram to Baden-Baden main station. From here it is either a 3-4 km walk. Alternatively take bus 218 (direction Iffezheim) to "Sandweiher Autobahnkriche" (15min, goes about every hour).

The northbound station is some km south in Bühl but not very easy to reach.