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3rd edition of our Big Belgian Hitchhiking Contest (2008)

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Dear hitchhikers,

We are very happy to be able to present you the 3rd edition of our Big Belgian Hitchhiking Contest. Those who have participated in the previous edition know that this event is not to be missed. The philosophy is simple; we gather in the early morning of saturday october 11th in Ghent, where you will be given a location. This location remains a secret for the time being, but consider it is somewhere between 300 and 500 km away. The team that reaches this destination first, wins the contest and gets a small price. Hitchhiking alone is also possible, but we prefer teams, the competition is more fair that way. Those who want can go back to Ghent with us, in our rented van, on Sunday october 12th. To cost to enroll depends on this; if you just want to participate in the contest, drink our beers and eat together with us Saturday night, and have a healthy breakfast on Sunday, one pays 25EUR. Those who want to go back with the rented van on Sunday, pay 50EUR (for the van and the fuel, and also for the food and drinks ofcourse).

If you are interested, let me know, call or mail me, so we can make further arrangements. Hope to see you on the road!

Info: Bart Vanderstraeten (User:Banzai)

0032 498 85 33 72

[email protected]

--Banzai 23:47, 3 September 2008 (CEST)