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<map lat="40.86652" lng="-124.08284" zoom="12" view="3" float="right" /> Arcata is a college town in California, about 280 miles north of San Francisco.

Justin hitchhiking to Arcata

The plaza is where people hang out most if you're looking for other travelers. Cross 101 on 7th street to get to a wooded area where you can urban camp.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Weaverville/Redding

To leave Arcata going east to Weaverville/Redding on State Route 299, you can catch rides at the 101 North exit just at the north edge of town, 17th and G St, right at the pedestrian bridge to Humboldt State. Make sure to ask the driver if they're taking State Route 299 because if you don't, they won't make the turn-off for the 101 about 3 miles out of town and you'll be stuck trying to hitch a ride at the interchange, with cars flying by at 65 mph (not likely they'll stop here!)

Decided to hitch on 299 around this point 40.910294, -124.065642. After maybe 1h I got my first ride (some stopped before but not going far enough). After that rides came easy as rain started to pour. Made it to Shingletown in 3 rides that day and got offered to sleep at my last driver's home. Ozcar November 2017

Hitching In

Coming from San Francisco

It's easy to hitchhike to Arcata, California! Starting from 101 in Golden Gate, San Francisco there are some great spots to pick up rides all along 101. Try to get out of the Bay Area quick if you can as the California Highway Patrol will be on you if you attempt to hitch on the three lane highways. You shouldn't have many problems on two lanes roads. The farther North you go the easier it gets! Most people can recommend good spots. In Ukiah, 101 turns back into a freeway. Hopland is a great spot to hitch, especially on the straight run near the Solar Living Center! Laytonville is a great spot!