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<map lat="37.320839999999855" lng="13.58875999999968" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Italy
State: Agrigento (Province)
Population: 59.100
Licence plate: AG
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Agrigento is a city on Sicily

Hitching out

Northwest towards Catania

From the roundabout right by the bus station, walk out onto the huge bridge on the same side as traffic leaving the town. Follow it all the way until the bridge ends and take the first ramp that goes up to the right for the national road SS122. At the top, you can stand on the white line area and hitch.


Don't sleep inside Valle dei Templi ruins nor its surroundings! There are free dogs around! They don't bother you with the backpack (as they usually do) but in a tent might come there barking. The entrance can be done with no ticket, more info will be written on Nomadwiki. In Porto Empedocle, 5-6 km south of the city, and other 7-8 west of Temple Valley; on the way (national road) west to Sciacca and Trapani there is a freshly started new building, though with no walls..just floors. Go up till the last floor where the roof is inclinated and protect you from the wind. Neither a strong storm with thunders should harm you..

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