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Welcome at hitchwiki. Great that you found your way to this wiki!

Did you ever ask yourself what this is all about? Hitchwiki is a collaboratively edited guide to which you can contribute. This tutorial will help you to become a happy hitchwiki contributor.

The following pages will give you a short guidance about the style and content of hitchwiki articles & how you can get in contact with the hitchwiki community. Keep in mind that it's always fine whatever you are doing, don't think too much about the rules, but just do it. There are enough other hitchhikers who will edit your mistakes to make the best out of your shared information.

This is a basic tutorial, not an extensive manual. There are links to sandbox pages where you can practice what you're learning. Try things out and play around! Nobody will mind if you mess up and experiment in these practice areas.

This article contains text from the Wikipedia article on Tutorial.