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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Thuringia.png
Population: 210,118 (31 Dec 2015)
Licence plate: EF
Major roads: A4, A71
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Erfurt is the capital of the German federal state Thuringia.

Find out more about public transportation (bus/tram) at the EVAG website.

Worth seeing is EGApark, the official garden exhibition ground of Erfurt and Thuringia.

Hitchhiking out

Option 1

West and East towards Frankfurt or Dresden (Autobahn A4) and South towards Würzburg (Autobahn A7)

Take the tram number 4 in the direction 'Flughafen Erfurt' (Erfurt airport). Exit at "Volkenroder Weg" and you'll see two petrol stations. Between them there is enough space for cars to stop if you stand on the roadside with a sign "A71".

Option 2

Only south towards Würzburg (Autobahn A71)

If you don't mind to take the regional train towards Ilmenau. Get off in Geraberg (40 minutes ride, ~5€) and follow "Bahnhofsstraße" in direction city center to it's end. Turn right on "Arnstädter Straße" and then the second left on "Talstraße". After passing the last house to your right, turn right on walk approximatly ten minutes to the gas stations "Thüringer Wald Nord". On your way you have to pass the autobahn but there is a tunnel.

West towards Gotha or Eisenach (Bundestraße B7) Take tram number 2 from the city center to the commercial fairground and exhibition center Messe Erfurt to the stop 'mdr/kinderkanal' or 'messe', walk over 'Gothaer Straße' to the 'Real' supermarket and ask drivers standing at the traffic light.

There is a another alternative finding drivers in westward direction: On B7, shortly before the interchange with A71 (Eisenacher Straße corner to Hersfelder Straße), there is a large IKEA furniture market where it should be possible to find more than a handful of drivers that can bring you to any place in the region.

Hitchhiking in

As most people tend to pass Erfurt on Autobahn A4 ask to be dropped of at "Urbicher Kreuz". It's a five minutes ride from the exit "Erfurt-Ost". There you can catch the tram number 3 which takes you to the city center.