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Hitchhiking Trivia

I still hitch a few thousand miles a year. These days I prefer to hop freight trains and bicycle for safety reasons, and I recommend you do the same.

Outdated map of all roads I hitchhiked as of September 2014 here (Blue is hitchhiked, Red is train hopped)

accumulated hitched miles 2011-2014 110,200 miles

  • 2011: 12,000 miles
  • 2012: 31,900 miles
  • 2013: 23,400 miles
  • 2014: 42,900 miles

Longest single ride: 3,250 miles Second longest ride: 2,900 miles

Countries hitched in: America, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico

States of America hitched in: 50

Provinces/Territories of Canada hitched in: 8

Most rides caught in a row with no one passing me: 4

Times picked up by presumed serial killers: 3-9

Random: Pilot picked me up and let me steer his plane in Ohio

Favorite places: New Mexico, Missouri,West Virginia


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