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Версия от 16:05, 4 ноября 2010; Platschi (обсуждение | вклад) (lets start it :))
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Hey, just saw you started editing the russian wiki! nice! i'm very willing to help build it up, though my russian skills are pretty much limited so far. am learning right now, so hope to contribute more useful stuff in the future :) just add information, don't worry too much about the wiki syntax and stuff, i'll check it from time to time and fix things. maybe we can start little projects or something, promote them on the front page, and get more people on maybe. what about first fixing all major cities of russia, adding hitchhiking informations, translate from english, etc.? ideas welcome! see you! :) --Platschi 17:05, 4 ноября 2010 (CET)