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Обсуждение участника:Siberian explorer

10 байт добавлено, 18:37, 14 января 2016
::Hey, yes, I was thinking about this, copying important information from there to here. Copyright sucks, indeed. I wonder what are the reasons that he (or the whole AVP) doesn't want to share the hitching info (most basically: how to get out of cities & general stuff about countries) with like-minded '''hitchhikers''' worldwide, or in case of this wiki, anyway, only Russian speaking ones? though, for example info on hitchhiking out of cities, if you read some info at avp, "try out" & hitch the spot yourself and afterwards describe it with your own words on Автостопвики how you did it, it should be fine, right? quite some info can be already translated from english hitchwiki and should be common for russian hitchers anyway, like how to get out of Piter and Moskva ;-) But would be nice to convince them that probably instead of starting a new engine/website, it could be very useful to use the available hitchwiki structure to build up a Russian avp-wiki. Big pro's should be common to you :) a) cc-by-sa licence, which means share-alike & attribution to authors, b) new info can be added to existing hitching info, c) it would be in russian here anyway and for a lot of other good reasions. let's see how it goes, meanwhile we can slowly build up the rough structures of cities/regions of russia and then go further. hope to get some more people onto the boat then. i'm now two month in moscow from wednesday on, so i hope my russian will improve to more than 'ya ne vsjo panimaju' ;-) --[[Участник:Platschi|Platschi]] 13:17, 6 ноября 2010 (CET)
:::* Well. I've talks with Krotov and he said we are free to copy information. No problem. "Information do not belong to anyone, we sholud share it anyway" - he said. I'm ready to start copypasting. :) [[Участник:Siberian explorer|Siberian explorer]] 15:36, 6 ноября 2010 (CET):