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(by Micha)[]

Tours, a city of Art and History, ancient Gallo-Roman city, then France kingdom's capital, Tours enjoys a unique location at the centre of the famous Loire Valley, the heart of the Garden of France .. .

In short enough to marinate the Guide du Routard, but if you go there I advise you to come by a hospitality website, is still something else !

Direction A10 - Paris - Blois - Orléans :

by nationnal road (so better by folow the Loire river) :

From the center, take the east and folow the Loire River, then, you will see the first place front of Tours Castle, it's a very long bus stop, if you're just one smile, it will be ok... But if it's don't working, you can walk 2 kilometers always by folow the river, there is some places...

by highway

Hitchike on the center highway entrance is good for waiting, so if you're patient... However you can take a bus 2,8,11,14,60 or an other for change your plan... to go to the north of the town, from the center, you have to cross the Loire river and take "la Tranchée" a big avenue which is going to the north, next turn right for the avenue maginot, you will see some roundabouts...

Direction A10 - Poitiers - Bordeaux - Spain  :

My friend, it's a little bite difficult to leave by this way so if you find an other plan, come back on this page to check it for hitchikers ! I just advice to take the bus 11 for the stop "Thibaudiere", there is an entrance for the A10 not so far...