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285 octets ajoutés, 3 septembre 2008 à 23:48
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: Salut, today I was hitching out of Paris after the European hitchhikers gathering in Paris ([[Project 888]]) and met up with several fellow hitchhikers from all over the place. One was from France (Dijon) and told me about a French wiki, equivalent to what we are doing here. I cannot find the link at the moment, but it would be really great if we could synchronize the databases. Does anyone know more about this french autostop wiki? --[[Utilisateur:Robino|Robino]] 11 août 2008 à 22:40 (CEST)
::Bon, si ce wiki utilise le GFDL ca sera facile. Sinon, bon, je sais pas, on verra qu'est-ce qu'on peut faire... Mais, faut d'abord trouver ce wiki. [[User:guaka|guaka]]<small><sup>[ site], [[user talk:guaka|wikitalk]]</sup></small> 3 septembre 2008 à 23:48 (CEST)
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