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The drug Levitra contains the active ingredient vardenafil and, along with Viagra and Cialis, is one of the best-selling intimate enhancers. But there seemed to be a side-effect! When the mind of design at Pfizer heard about this kind of, he provided the go-ahead for a contrasting drug: Potenzmittel. Together, the uncovering by risk meant getting knowledge about you and his oral organ. According to the newspapers, another opponent could enter the market in some months: Cialis by Eli Lilly, which can be currently being reviewed by the reliable authorities. Worthwhile business with erectile dysfunction Conflicts in the relationship can also result in effectiveness problems. Contrary to sildenafil (Viagra), for example , tadalafil (Cialis) acquired no image disturbances inside the test level, reports the Stiftung Warentest. Her social democratic colleague Hilde Mattheis even always sees a pharmaceutical drug requirement for medications with feasible serious side effects. Whatever you may not be aware of is just how it works and what mechanisms are behind it. According to Ganzvoort, medical professionals in Canada are working on a similar analysis.