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{{Infobox Dutch Location
{{Infobox Dutch Location
|country = Netherlands
|country = Netherlands
|map = <map lat='52.495' lng='6.08' zoom='11' view='3'/>
|map = <map lat='52.495' lng='6.08' zoom='12' view='3'/>
|pop = 117.633
|pop = 117.633
|state = Overijssel
|state = Overijssel

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<map lat='52.495' lng='6.08' zoom='12' view='3'/>
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Overijssel.png
Population: 117.633
Major roads: A28, A50
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Zwolle is the capital city of the Dutch province of Overijssel. It has very good road infrastructure connecting it to the north, south and west, but eastbound is lacking.

Hitching out

Motorway A28 runs right through town. It has four ramps in Zwolle, of which two are useful for hitching; 19 and 20. Use ramp 19 (Zwolle-centrum) for both north and southbound hitchhiking; and ramp 20 (Zwolle-noord) for northbound hitchhiking. Ramp 21 (Ommen) is inconviniently located in an industrial estate on the north side of town, but does get a fair amount of traffic from the surrounding towns, and ramp 18 (Zwolle-zuid) is basically just a big roundabout with no good place to stop, at least not there where the traffic isn't going at least 80 km/h.