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<map lat='44.12' lng='15.25' zoom='12' view='0' />
Flag of Croatia
Population: 91,200
Licence plate: ZD
Major roads: E 65
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Zadar is a city on the adriatic coast in Croatia. There many small nearby islands which can be reached by a ferry. There is also a ferry to Ancona, Italy, to Split and to Rijeka.

Hitchhiking out

South (Šibenik, Split)

From the central Bus station you will have to walk the Ante Starcevića until there is a really big cross (1km). Then you turn right on to the Jadranska cesta. This road is heading to Šibenik and Split. After 200m you will find a busstop where you can place yourself. It is not recommended to hitchhike the motorway, because there is not so much traffic (peage) and the landscape on the coastroad is much more beautiful.



There is a youth hostel in the very north of the town. The district is called Puntaminka. From the center it is a 40 minutes walk. But you can even try to hitchhike. It costs app. 12€ (90 Kuna) per night.

Wild camping

Please DON'T do it south of the city, there are areas left which are contaminated with landmines.

Old town of Zadar