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Wyoming is a state in the Mid-West of the United States. It's great for pick up truck hitchhiking. So be prepared for rain and cold! It is technically illegal to hitchhike in Wyoming. It is definitely a gamble. While hitching on 25, a buddy and I got stopped twice by state troopers. The first was a pretty nice guy who ran our ID's to check for warrants, and when they came back clean, he told us that since hitching was our only mode of transportation, he'd let us go. About an hour later, another statey stopped us and was a bit more serious. If we hadn't already been given the go-ahead by the previous trooper, we just might have had to stay the night in jail.

Rides are few and far between in Wyoming, thus, the state troopers have a good chance in spotting you. Avoid Wyoming if you have time to go around it. And if you happen to get stuck in Buffalo, there's a railing along a bridge there where several lonely hitch-hikers have signed their names. Add yours to the list, write something witty, then enjoy the four hour wait for your next ride.

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