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Washington state is (unfortunately still) the North Western state of the United States. Be aware that unlike in Oregon it's not legal to walk on the freeway. It's probably not even legal on the on ramp, some on ramps even have no thumb signs!

Now, it's pretty much a mean thick urban corridor from the north dregs of Seattle down 'allaway through to at least the south end of Olympia, a good 200 miles of city. That (may) mean buses. But the good news is that there's a funky little bus service called the CAP that runs two or three times daily from Tumwater outside Oly. to Vancouver WA, just t'other side the border from P-town OR. hey! 'magine that! and it's only $1.

Although, according to information on Digihitch, there are a lot of good rest stops in WA, especially heading North from Portland, Oregon on I-5.

Places to Viddy

Washington's a treasury of raw wild gorgeousness.

Have a look about the Sjrideshare on San Juan Islands in Washington State.

The Olympic Penninsula is exquisite and glorious, with the only certified rain forest in the contiguous states. If you take a ferry across the Puget Sound (a kind of mystical fjord we have, that hosts the worlds biggest octopuses) hitching the Penninsula's a blast: bring hiking gear and head into the mountains for a few days. Bring a poncho. 220 inches of rain per year here.

Pouring rain; dusk; we were almost there, but only had a weak tent for the night. Guy picked us up, brought us to his idyllic mountain lair/home & fed us crab soup & fresh roadkill venison, driving us to the trail-head in the morn. Best meat of my life -k

Eastern washington's OK hitching too. Sometimes slow going, but well. Well, well! (huh. i guess i din't really add anything there, huh?)


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