Vilnius Hitch-hiking Club

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Vilnius Hitch-hiking Club (VHHC, Vilniaus autostopo klubas (VAK) in Lith.) is one of the leading hitchhiking organizations in Europe, and a a member of International Hitch-hiking Association. It was founded in October 2nd, 1996, and is based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Some of the most prominent club's hitchhikers are Vladas Sapranavičius, Dainius Kinderis and Augustas Kligys.

The club organizes local and international hitchhiking expeditions and competitions, and prepares various publications for Internet and mass media while very often collaborating with foreign hitch-hiking organizations. It has regular member meetings and a governing board.

Club members wear a special yellow VHHC uniform when traveling (see pictures).