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<map lat='43.07440531650469' lng='25.64037322998047' zoom='13' view='0' float='right'/> Veliko Tarnovo is a city in north central Bulgaria.

It is on the motorway running east-west across the country from Sofia to Varna. Many roads to the Stara Planina mountain range start from Veliko Tarnovo.

If you are going to hitch to Велико Търново with a sign and you want to shorten the name, write В. Търново, as that is what the Bulgarians and their road signs shorten it to.

Hitchhiking out

West towards Sofia E 70

You've got to find the Municipal Court (Sadebna Palata) which is quite close to the city centre - it's on the main street near the city market. From there you can take bus 5 which will lead you exactly to the place (it's the last stop before the bus turns) or you can continue up and straight on the same street until you come to a crossroad where you just turn left and continue your way to the City Mall (a massive building). In front of the Mall there is a bridge. Go under it and then hitchhike from the grass before the junction.

Another way to get to this hitchhiking point is to ask for Metro (a huge store), as the spot is below it. It is usually the shortest way if you are up north in the city.

Spot out of VT, towards Gabrovo

East towards Varna E 70

The best place to wait for Varna and all directions strictly east is actually at the end of the aforementioned bridge. You can either walk the length of it (by visual orientation), or use this short cut: when you go down from the post office and reach the huge junction, cross the roads that are on your left (east) and go down towards the railway; cross the railway as well, go up the road ahead and you arrive directly to the hitch-hiking spot.

All directions (Ruse, Sofia, Stara Zagora, Gabrovo, Varna)

Bus stop for direction west (Sofia)

In the city, find the Mother Bulgaria monument or the big post office. Coming from the old town, at the post office walk left down the street. (direction south, downhill). After ~800m you'll find yourself in front of the big motorway crossing. For direction west (Sofia), take position at the bus stop. For direction south, walk further down under the big bridge, behind it you'll find the end of a ramp and some space on the side to stop cars (see picture). Don't go further as the mountain begins there, not much space then for cars to pull over.

If you are hitchhiking up to North towards Romania (maybe make a sign for Ruse first), go down the street Hristo Bolev to where you can see the big main roads going to Varna, Sofia etc. Head to the right so that you get on the road number 5 (E85) that goes towards Ruse. Cross so that you are on the right side of the road and lift your thumb up. There is a lot of space for cars to pull over and chances of getting a ride to Ruse are good.