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User talk:Naura

Hi Naura!

I'm trying to translate the Belgrade info into french and, sure I'm not so good in english but can you explain me what you mean by take a bus from the center (25/25-P will work) to the base of the PanČevaČki Most (bridge over Dunav/Danube -- '''not any of the ones over the Sava''' because i don't understand very well what you want to say.... thank you very much --Klodreamer 19:10, 2 December 2011 (CET)

Sure, no problem. Basically I am saying to take a bus from the center to the Pancevacki Most. For me, that was bus 25 or 25-P, but I suspect there are others as well. Pancevacki Most is the only bridge in Belgrade over the Danube (Dunav) river, all the others cross the Sava river, and I was just making this clear so that people went to the right bridge.

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