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Cat in the back of a pick up in Argentina
Cat and Tiago in Rock Island,Washington USA
Cat waiting for a ride to Ushuaia in Rio Gallegos, Argentina


Cat is a twenty three year old French citizen who is currently residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She started hitchhiking at age 16 along with train hopping. She speaks French, English and Spanish and has travelled through 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. In 2007 she travelled, hitchhiking, bussing and boating, through Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile and Peru, and then hitchhiked from British Colombia, Canada to Mexico City (4 000 km) accompanied by her dog Tiago.


She has hitchhiked through France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, (2001-2004)

Canada, Argentina, Bolivia, United States, Mexico (2007)


Her longest single ride was from Trelew to Rio Gallegos, Argentina(app. 1850 km) , during a trip that took her from Capital Federal (Buenos Aires) to Ushuaia (app 3 200 km).