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I can host you in Berlin, Germany

n0id is a hitchhiker, currently living in Berlin, Germany. Used to live and grow up in Aachen, Germany. Lived in Riga and Warsaw and Magdeburg. Recently moved to Berlin.


He hitchhiked for the first time at the age of 14? out of an emergcency: he had missed the bus and was going to be to late for going shopping with his mom. Then started to hitchhike regularly in summer 2007 in order to faster beat the distance of the 20km from summer job to Aachen. Later did his first longer trip after New Year 2008 from Berlin back home (partly) out of an emergency: he was out of money after partying a lot. Totally got addicted and hitchhiked a lot on German highways. He finally did his first trip outside Germany, to Prag in autumn 2008. Really enjoyed taking part in the German hitchhiking race in 2009. After receiving his Abitur hitchhiked all around Europe during a 2-months trip.


n0id hitchiked in and through most countries of Europe + a littlbe bit of Turkey, Georgia and Russia.

worth mentioning are the following trips:

  • to Prag over Munich, Nurnberg starting from Aachen in 2008 (first hitchhiking experience outside of Germany)
  • to Karlsruhe and over Switzerland to Liechtenstein as part of the hitchhiking race, followed by a short excursion to the north of Italy with Quarim
  • all the way North-East to Helsinki via the Roskilde festival in Denmark, Warsaw, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and again South-West to Tangier via Berlin, Luxembourg, Taizé, Marseille, Barcelona, Cordoba during the 2-months trip in summer 2009
  • from Warsaw to Paris stopping in Berlin, in Aachen for Christmas and on the way back in Utrecht and in Ratzeburg for New Year's Eve in 2009/2010
  • the 3rd Abgefahren e.V. hitchhiking race from Augsburg to Bled, Slovania via Berlin, Marburg on the way to the race
  • 'West and East of Europe' in 2010, to Riga via Warsaw then to Portugal for 6810 and later on to Crimea via Warsaw again
  • the 4th Abgefahren e.V. hitchhiking race from Freiburg to Italy
  • New Year in Budapest: Warsaw - Budapest in 13h, Budapest - Krakow in 20h + a taking a train to Warsaw
  • Around the Black Sea in 2011, to 7811 in Bulgaria, around Balkan and via Turkey and Georgia to Siberia and back to Germany via the Baltics and Poland
  • the 5th Abgefahren e.V. hitchhiking race from Braunschweig to the middle of German countryside nowhere followed by a country road trip from Lille to Strasbourg
  • Moldova, Rumania, Ukraine in summer 2012
  • Two weeks Morocco + going there and back in Winter 2013 - it's warmer there


  • The first ride ever was with a couple listening to Johnny Cash
  • My longest ride was from a gas station close to Tarragona all the way to Meknes which was about 1350km and lasted for about 24h including stopovers for coffee, sleep, Kofta and taking over by ferry and crossing borders.
  • My longest non-stop hitchhiked distance was 2500km (same trip from Algeciras to close to Aachen over Paris with 5 drivers in 42h)
  • Hitched with a cigarette trafficker from Ukraine to Poland
  • Once a friend and me got dropped at the brand-newly built interchange Kreuz Oberpfälzer Wald between Nürnberg and the Czech border with almost no traffic at all and not even mobile reception. Luckily a car missed the interchange exit and drove backwards on the highway enabling us communicate our situation and get out of there after half an hour and less than 10 cars
  • So far collected 70€ (3 drivers giving each 20€, 2 others giving 5€) while hitchhiking
  • the lowest temperature while on the road was about -28°C in Norway
  • the highest temperature was over 40°C in Spain
  • the longest wait was in February 2010 on a cold and windy Sunday at the service station Michendorf in the direction of Warsaw. After about 10 hours of waiting me and my female friend finally found a Lithuanian driver who picked us up. Luckily it was a direct lift to Warsaw, where we arrived the next day at 5:30am
  • hitchbiked with a foldable bike from Warsaw to Poznan and back. Loved it!
  • had my glasses and other stuff crushed by a truck driver who turned from a gaststation onto the road and didn't not see (or didn't care about it) my backpack laying next to the road :( :(
  • fastest ride was 260km/h with an Audi TT in Germany, whereas the fastest ride in Russia was 220km/h with an '96 Mercedes and impossible road conditions
  • I got totally drunk in Nalchik at 11am on the first day of hitching Vladikavkaz - Moscow and hitched the rest of the way without underwear
  • I was riding almost 2000km on Kamaz trucks in Russia