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Last Words for the road is a project dedicated around travellers.

Set to come out as a book - the project started with collecting quotes from travellers met while travelling. Last words for the road is a portrait in construction of the 21st century traveller - why he leaves, where, and what happens when he comes back. All quotes paint a portrait about the person and their life philosophy - used for people to relate to. The book is used to inspire people to travel and make them relate to the things they have learned on the road.

All quotes are handwritten and can be found online on the following links :

The author - Lauren Klarfeld - is currently on the move to meet travellers - by volunteering in hostels or simply travelling. She is currently between Brussels and Madrid and studying Life Coaching as well.

To get into contact with her - follow the contact form on her website.

"Because it's not about the miles you cross but about the people you meet..."